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© 2000 Damian Yerrick

DOSArena and freepuzzlearena are trademarks of Damian Yerrick. Tetris and related trademarks belong to The Tetris Company LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

The programs, artwork, and documents are copyrighted expressions; the game rules themselves, being ideas, are not copyrightable under United States law, no matter what The Tetris Company says.


Tetanus screenshot: mega combo!

Shift and rotate falling tetrominoes to fit them into unbroken horizontal rows of blocks. Attack your opponent by making lots of rows with one piece.

This is your brain. This is your brain on Tetanus. Any questions?

New features vs. original Tetris® brand:

  • Switchable vs. mode: When turned off, this allows two players to practice on the same machine without affecting each other's game. When turned on, allows two players to attack each other.
  • Automatic handicapping: Evens vs. mode odds between players.
  • Join in: When one fellow is playing, another can push both rotate keys to join in.
  • Displays random gameplay tip when you lose.
  • Race to 40: The first fellow to make 40 lines wins.
  • Win limit: The first fellow to die n times loses.
  • Timer: The fellow who died least after n minutes wins. Allows players to use Tetanus as an egg timer (the frozen pizza needs three more minutes?).
  • Gravity cascading: Blocks fall nicely into place when nothing is holding them up; there is no loose stuff above a hole. Use this to make huge combos. For example, the screenshot shows a 9-line combo.
  • H&R Blocks [cannot find server]: Make a row of a single color to score a bonus (and attack your opponent extra hard in vs. mode).
  • New pieces: When you make a four-line or larger combo, you get a magnet to hold on to a coming piece, or a twister to invert your opponent's controls. Press both rotate keys simultaneously to use one of these pieces.
  • Hard and soft drop: The "down" key speeds the piece's fall; the "up" key instantly moves it down as far as it can go. (Most similar games lack one of these drop schemes.)

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