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© 2000 Damian Yerrick

DOSArena and freepuzzlearena are trademarks of Damian Yerrick. Tetris and related trademarks belong to The Tetris Company LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

The programs, artwork, and documents are copyrighted expressions; the game rules themselves, being ideas, are not copyrightable under United States law, no matter what The Tetris Company says.


Insane screenshotThe screen is full of tiles. Click on any group of two or more tiles to remove them. Sound simple enough?

Think again. There's gravity involved. Click the group of yellow tiles, and all the tiles on top fall into place. Click the blue tiles, the red tiles, anything to get bigger groups and a bigger score... It's almost as deep as chess.

You've played it on Texas Instruments graphing calculators. You've played SameGame on your GNOME and KDE desktops. Now the SameGame (pardon the pun) is available on any platform that supports the Allegro library.

New features vs. SameGame, ksame, Same GNOME:
  • Action mode: Tiles fall from the top; you can't win, but you can score points until the cows come home.
New features vs. previous Insane Game on graphing calculators:
  • All input devices enabled: The mouse makes moving around the field a lot easier. Of course, you can also use the keyboard or the joypad.
  • Rising attack mode: Tiles rise from the bottom; keep the middle clear.
  • Two-way shift: Press Home and End to change the direction the tiles shift; when used wisely, this can help in Action and Rising Attack.
  • Color: Press T to toggle between old-fashioned calculator-style tile graphics and new colorized tile graphics that can be easier to see.
  • Demonstration: This screen saver teaches how to play the game.

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