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© 2000 Damian Yerrick

DOSArena and freepuzzlearena are trademarks of Damian Yerrick. Tetris and related trademarks belong to The Tetris Company LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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One day, Chester was checking his email. But after receiving a link to Hampton Hampster Productions's Hampsterdance for the 273rd time, he finally lost his mind. He tried to commit suicide by overdosing on several drugs. It didn't work. Screenshot of Hampsterdeath gameplay He started seeing dancing rodents everywhere. He picked up his handgun and... (you'll have to play the game for the rest of the story).

To kill a hamster, click on it. It's that easy. Don't stop until all the hamsters are dead.

Hampsterdeath is based on GUWAME (Grand Unified Whack-A-Mole Engine) by Damian Yerrick and is available for any platform that supports the Allegro library. Cross-platform source code under the GNU General Public License is included with all executables.

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